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 Public Involvement Process

We strive to create a public involvement process that is collaborative, accessible and inclusive. During the course of the study, our team will use a variety of tools to engage the public in a discussion and dialogue regarding the future of West Main Street and how improvements to the corridor can better and more safely integrate all users needs.

We will conduct interviews with stakeholders, prepare an online survey, develop an interactive map, conduct public information meetings, and provide frequent updates via this website and social media. Additionally, all documents related to the project will be posted to this website. All are encouraged to participate in this project. If you have a question or would like to provide a comment, suggestion or have an idea, please fill out the contact form here.

 Stakeholder Interviews

We will conduct several in depth interviews with key project stakeholders such as business owners and daily users along the corridor. The goal of this effort is to have in-depth conversations about issues and opportunities along West Main Street and to incorporate this feedback into the recommendations for improvements.

Interactive Map and Survey

The interactive map available on this site provides stakeholders with an opportunity to pin-point areas of concern and identify issues related to mobility in the corridor. An online survey will also be provided that will allow stakeholders to respond to direct questions about the corridor.

 Public  Meetings

Three public meetings will be conducted with the dual purpose of sharing our findings and hearing directly from the community about their concerns and ideas for West Main Street. These meetings are open to all. If you cannot attend, all meetings will be recorded and put onto the website. The first meeting will be a virtual workshop format. The schedule and format of Meetings #2 and #3 will be subject to public health limitations/guidance regarding in-person gatherings. See meetings here 

 Social  Media

In addition to this website, we will keep you up-to-date regarding the project’s status and progress on the West Main Street Facebook page. Follow us there!

Public Meetings

  • This will be a virtual workshop with a brief presentation to kickoff the project. We will then have discussions about conditions along the corridor as well as particular areas of concern for further review.

  • This will be the final public involvement meeting to present the recommendations and alternative concepts developed, review the findings of the market analysis, and obtain input from the public on the findings and recommendations prior to developing the final report.

Mapping Exercise

Provide valuble input to shape the project outcome

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